Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Done for her favourite to match her pink car k...hello kitty n whatsover pink thingy that she likes....Well..this is the first time dealing with her...quite worry at first...but can still see her smile until now after looking at my beadwork for the first time....fully satisfied :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Frothy Blooms

Floral Fantasy

This baju was made for Maya...eventhough it looks dull and so grey...if you look can see so many grey tones...grey-purplelish...grey-greenish..all in all...grey but with lots of colours...
sakitlah jugak kepala the end...I end up doing this simple design...I know...Maya likes cute-cute design fits her personality...senyum jugak Cik Maya bila dapat balik baju ni ;)

The Green Symphony

Wildflowers Wedding

Why Wildflowers Wedding? Sebab bunga di baju ni macam bunga raya.... :) with additional berries ( manik-manik pearl gold colour yang ditambah )...memanglah jadi wildflowers...

To do the beading on this baju also is not easy...I have to remove all the old beadings ( it was there when the owner bought it at one of the boutique here in KL ) , and do my own design so that it will meet the owner's expectation...she wants the baju to have gold beads instead of the original one which is is the beads with gold swarowski on it :)

Red Rhapsody

Autumn Elegance

A very warm colour.....this colour reminds me of Autumn....a very warm season for wedding..just like this baju kurung...made for 'nikah' occasion....It was actually a plain baju kurung...with nothing on my job is to create something..and this is the special thing that I have created for my friend...Eventhough we don't have Autumn here..but still..this colour symbolized it. A romantic time of the year....a perfect time to get married...